Mommy life

Edit your life ruthlessly and frequently


You’re allowed to let people go. You’re allowed to teach your child it’s ok to not be friends with the kids who are downright mean.

You’re allowed to take time for yourself, with your little kid, and just relax. 

You are worth all of the energy you give to other people all year long.  

It’s ok for people not to like you. 

It’s ok to say no to extra projects and time away when your brain feels like it’s at it’s limit.

From the time Cole was in preschool, I told him that we are going to be kind to everyone, but we do not have to be friends with everyone. Not everyone is your friend, and that’s ok.  

I’m trying really hard not to raise a mini me, a pleaser, someone who feels physical pain when they get an inkling they have let someone down, someone who survived not one, but ✌🏻 really unhealthy marriages (my picker is way off, but I got my one true love out of the deal 👦🏼), someone who puts their own needs way on the back burner, and allows other people to act and speak a certain way because of their terrible childhood, day and life.  I say I am raising a mini me in so many ways, but I also hope he will see that friendship goes both ways.  Someone doesn’t get to throw your lunch down every day, call you names, and make you feel left out most of the time, and still get to call you a friend 👌🏻.

You only get one precious life, so you are allowed to edit at will.  I have prayed for Cole to be surrounded by friends who encourage him (and their parents) and God has provided him with so many good people ❤️.  Here’s to summer, and laughter, and lemonade, and editing our life.

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