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Goal Digger 2019

GoalsLet’s talk about your 2019 goals 🤗🤗. I so love the beginning of the year, even though we are big goal setters all year.  There’s about a fresh new year (and a ridiculously long month, AY) to help me re-evaluate and make some changes.

Cole and I are going to map out his goals for the year today (in between shooting off leftover fireworks, making a volcano, his gift from his Nana and Papa, making our own pizzas and finishing up that Indiana Jones marathon), but mine are always similar to the year before.
1. Grow my savings. You need at least $1000 in your emergency fund. In years past, I have used my emergency fund for (a) a new hot water heater (b) a new dishwasher (are you seeing a trend, my appliances get together and plot my demise) (c) plumbing services (d) heating and air services. A credit card is not an emergency fund. (Sorry CC companies. Love ya, but any emergency fund that charges me 20% interest plus is not my friend). Make a plan NOW to divert so much per paycheck into your savings account, that way you don’t miss it. When I write out my monthly budget, I include that amount, as I am paying myself.  Gone are the days when women can throw up their hands and claim to not understand finances, or not be in control of their money.  If you are a single mama, you have to get it together and model good money skills for your children.  Pay off your debts and put your family on a budget.  I talk to too many mamas who say they cannot afford a vacation.  You would be surprised what you can do, if you set your priorities.  Cole loves to be in the kitchen with me cooking instead of eating out, I pack both of our lunches every day.  we do park dates and free movies.  We love the library and working in our garden.  It’s important if you have a son, to show him that his mama can do it, and even more important if you have a daughter, so she knows she can. It’s one day away from 2019, but I am always alarmed by the number of young ladies who say they want to be a mama and a wife, and just marry a man who will take care of them.  That is fantastic, if that works for you, but my gosh what if something happens to him and he cannot provide for you all? Young ladies have to be able to take care of themselves financially.

2. Keep moving. I have developed a love of exercise and good health in the last few years again. Not just being in the gym, but we love to get outside and hike, swim and just play. Move more and your kids will benefit (or dogs) too. Keeping moving is also a fantastic habit for your kids to learn.  If they learn the value of play, they will never be bored.  

3. Write every day. Writing is so freeing for me, much like painting is for other people. I am a right brainer who had to force myself to be left brained to pay the bills #adulting . I am wanting to at some point add a podcast in addition to my blog ( if you want to read 🤓). But maybe 2019 will be the year I finally write that book. My mama might be the only one to read it though.

4. Spend more money on travel and experiences than things. We love a road trip 👦🏼👩🏼. As a single mama, it’s so empowering to hop into the car that I pay for, and head on a trip that I paid for, and provide my child with life experiences they will not forget.  We switched up Christmas this year, and Cole’s two “big” gifts were adopting our foster dog and a boxed up Fun Day.  We hopped into the car and ran to the Science Museum, had some pizza, sang songs in the car and laughed at our own jokes.  He said it was the “best day ever”.  That toy will probably be forgotten in a year, but the time you spend with your kids most definitely will not.  I could not tell you what I got for Christmas when I was 8, but I do remember my sweet parents scrimping and saving all year to pile us into the station wagon and take us somewhere during the summer on vacation.  

5. Pray daily, and thank God for our constant and numerous blessings. Yesterday our sweet pastor preached from Lamentations, and about struggle and pain. We all have it, but some people seem to get stuck, and they get addicted to talking about that struggle and that pain. There’s so much to learn from the struggle.  We all know a few people who just never recovered from that devastating divorce, bankruptcy, house fire or illness.  While I cannot stop bad things from happening, I certainly can change my mindset.  I wish I had a higher salary, but my goodness, I love my mama hours, and getting to be off when Cole is, and the amazing responsibility and opportunity I have to pour into kids and adults each day.   I don’t take that responsibility lightly.  I realize my job is a calling, and I pray every day for the words to say. Sometimes I think I need a bigger house, but Cole loves our house, and how close it is to everything.  I never thought I would survive so many things that have happened to me in my life, but here I am, making it and thankful.  Change your mindset, and literally change your life, I promise.

I always love hearing from other people what their goals are for the new year.  As I have gotten older, I have noticed they have changed a bit.  I used to simply want to take Cole on a vacation.  That was one big step.  Do the next hard thing.  You may be in the middle of a storm in your own life, so your goals may be just to survive, and that’s ok, sister. Just do the next hard thing.  

What are your 2019 goals?


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