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Rachel Cruze’s Money Challenge, Day two!!

Her challenge today, as we work towards creating a monthly budget, which in my previous life, I also never did, but now do religiously, is to write down your monthly income, after taxes.

I love to write down my budget, but there is also a free app which does the heavy lifting for you (there are several, but I do like this one), called  You can add your income, and all sources of income, at the top, then you add your bills, and the app does all the math for you.  Be sure to include your income from all sources, your main job, your side hustle, your other side hustle, a check from that little writing gig, any child sitting or dog sitting money.  The point is to see what your big number is.  If you are getting multiple checks, you will probably be surprised how much you’re actually making, which will hopefully make you wonder where the heck it’s going (I am betting that’s day three!).

Happy Wednesday!! My house is getting a new sunroom door today, because my old one was pretty vintage, then we are headed to meet some chickens we are sitting this weekend (side hustle number one) and to the pool.

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