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Love is a verb


Love each other well. God commands us, repeatedly throughout scripture, to love one another.  Even when they get on your nerves, even when it’s “almost” summertime and the teenagers in your office make you a little wacko, even when you simply don’t want to.  I have heard many pastors say that love is a verb, and that love is what you do for people, how you speak to them, how you treat them.

Cole’s love languages are physical touch (I have long said my favorite time of day is snuggle thirty, right before his bedtime, when we can talk about his day and the sometimes serious, sometimes funny things that happened) and gifts of service. I recently read an article about kids who receive lots of affection growing up, grow into healthy adults with self confidence, without attachment issues.  So his big joke now is to talk about how very healthy he is going to be.  Volunteering is one of his niches, and he does delight in helping other people (although not always mama, I might add ❤️). He can always be counted on to help a friend, help a neighbor, help his Nana and Papa, and walk dogs who look like they could use a good belly or ear rub.

Love for your parents might look like happy dinners, or keeping them updating with FaceTime calls while they are facing a medical crisis. My dad is facing some medical issues, and while they always love to hear from me, they delight in hearing Cole’s voice or seeing his face on Facetime.  As the only grandson, he is their pride and joy, and a visit from him, in person or on the screen, does wonders for their spirits.

Love for your grown up work best friends probably looks like helping them with the projects at work that stress them out (basically all of April and May).  I have been blessed with amazing women and men as my work family who can pick up on when I look a little kooky, and step in to help me.  Love should be about encouraging one another, and helping people when you see they are struggling.

Encourage your children to love their friends well, and model that behavior in your own life with your own people. Love for little kids looks like helping your friend up when they fall down, like I see Cole and his soccer teammates do on the field, or bending down to ask a friend on the opposing team if he is ok when you see he has fallen down.  Love sometimes looks like picking out a favorite toy or cherished YuGiOh card to give your friend when they are facing unbearable personal pain, or simply laughing with them when they need to smile. Love is most definitely a verb, even for the sweet little people who watch everything we do and say.  Always remember to be the person you want them to grow up to be, even in morning traffic and the WalMart parking lot.

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