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What your child with two homes really wants for 2019


I rarely speak on single dads, but I have had a lot of coffee so here we go. Please notice in that first picture who is installing my new light in my laundry room. Now look who is watching him (and holding the flashlight, a job I am glad to give away because I am way too caffeinated to hold still). The light he suggested I purchase is an LED light and very ugly and I am sure the chandelier I wanted would have been better 🙄 but it’s so bright I can see where the spiders have been hiding for months.
It puts me on alert when people trash their ex wives or exhusbands to me, within hearing of their precious children, who are one half of that person they are trashing. If your ex needs help with something, and your child lives in that house, why would you not help her? (I do pay in LOTS of food and dog sitting, I just do not think anyone needs me doing electrical work on my own). My unpopular opinion, and the truth, is that Baby Mamas are forever (someone make me that shirt), because that child has two parents., This is not a new development, as I have a little old house, built in the 1920s, and through the last few years he has helped me remodel my kitchen, installed a new dishwasher, helped me find a good, honest roofer (ugh, hey 2019), supervised countless plumbers (I love my little old house, but come on, already).  In exchange, since he is an introvert, I arrange the doctor’s appointments, pick out the clothes, register for soccer and basketball, and pay in good meals.  It all works out in the balance.
Every Christmas Cole buys his dad a gift with my money, and me a gift with his dad’s. Birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the same. This year my coffee pot was in the throes of death, and my precious child noted that, and reported to his father that was what I needed the most for Christmas (swoon, you’re welcome to his future wife), along with a beautiful necklace and bracelet.  He decided that his dad needed a ping pong net and paddles for his house (because the man cave is a totally different home than my home, I am just saying).
We have lots of people tell us they could never do that. But little eyes are always watching and little ears are always listening. What better way to demonstrate grace and forgiveness to your sweet child than by being friends and coparent with their mother or father. Your child is forming ideas about love and marriage, and how to treat their future spouse by watching you. We have come quite the long way since our divorce, and it’s not an easy road, but it’s absolutely worth it if you truly love your child as much as you say you do.  Provision for children does not just mean physical provision of a home and meals, provision also means the security and love that BOTH parents can provide that child.

Make 2019 the year you man up (or woman up) and get over it (and get on over there to your ex wife’s house, I hear she has some dangerous projects she could use a hand with 👊🏼) #singlemama #singledad #coparentingworks

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