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Grace and Gratitude

I so love Christmas. For years, as a child, I loved the magic of Christmas morning, Christmas plays at church and school, Christmas cookies with mom, knowing that we were banned from the garage (since that’s where they hid our good presents, like the time my daddy made me an awesome doll bed in his shop). As you get older, Christmas changes, it becomes about time spent together, about the joy of Jesus, and about so much more than those gifts under the tree.

I can remember those times as a child when I would feel a pang in my heart, realizing that my parents had spent all of their money on us, and did not have many gifts under the tree. I think that’s when Christmas started to change for me.

I believe that was this year for Cole .  As a proud single mama, I budget and save and do odd jobs (testing 🤪) to pay for Christmas.  He earns a weekly allowance and money from his monthly articles, so if he finds something he wants, he knows how to save for it.  This year, his list was small, and I did that on purpose.  I wanted to get him things that were more meaningful (not to worry he still got a vicious nerf gun and nerf gun style bow and arrow set), like a day of fun, some books by an author he loves, a few surprises and an adoption fee for our foster dog (#1 on his list).  In that flurry of the happy mess of Christmas morning, he turned to me and said “I can’t believe that’s all you got for Christmas”, with a snuggly hug.   Kids don’t know that our gift is watching their faces on Christmas morning, as they tear into that paper.

This season he has delighted in taking cookies to neighbors, a birthday cake and cookies to our favorite animal shelter workers, surprises for the duty teacher and librarian (who always gives him the best VIP books that aren’t even on the shelf yet ❤️, bless her, she is something special) doing some other sweet, kind things for strangers.  I am trying my best to raise a good man, someone’s good husband and some little child’s good father.

So this morning when I woke up to my devotional, which asked what I think about when I wake up, I woke up this morning so filled with peace and joy (and coffee, my little man reported to his father that my coffee pot was on the fritz, so that’s what they got me for Christmas! That’s fodder for a different post about coparenting at Christmas, friends), knowing that I get this cherished time off with my LoveBug. You cannot get time back, and I intend to squeeze every drop of love out of this break.  Focus your mind on the good, and you will see the good in any situation. I know that’s hard to do sometimes, and just because I am positive does not mean that I do not have sadness, I do have my share.  The day AFTER Christmas is such a big opportunity to start anew, and focus on all of the amazing things in your life (and clean up the Christmas decor and dog fur balls behind it).

*for the record, you little mamas worrying that your babies did not get enough for Christmas, Cole’s favorite gift was the $1 harmonica he got in his stocking, hands down.  👦🏼



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