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Alma Heights Missionary Baptist Church Fruit Pizza

If you ever attended a Baptist Church in the south, chances are you have had glorious “Fruit Pizza”, a way I have told myself for years was a way to get my fruits in for the day!!

Alma Heights Missionary Baptist Fruit Pizza 🍓🥝🍎

(Named for that sweet little church where I gave my heart to Jesus years ago, so many happy memories, and happy food and church camp memories, and memories of what the air conditioning unit looked like at the back of the church, where my mama took me a lot because I could not stop talking 🤷🏼‍♀️)

1. 1 roll sugar cookie dough.  I doubled the recipe because I do intend to share (maybe). I am pretty sure Pam Hudson and Marsha Mirra never used premade cookie dough, avert your eyes.

2. 1 package cream cheese (the ingredient dreams are made of)

3.  1/2 cup sugar (1 cup if you double it, I basically only know cooking math since my mama raised me right).

4.  1/2 tsp vanilla (or 1/2 Tbsp if you have three dogs in the kitchen and you are distracted)

5. Fruit of your choice!! I did strawberries and blackberries. I remember my mama doing strawberries and kiwis, when she wanted to get fancy, probably for a family reunion (also held at Alma Heights Missionary Baptist Church, still). My piano teacher, Winnie Broyles, God rest her sweet soul, had quite the strawberry patch where you could pay to pick your own, so I am guessing that’s where so many people got their yummy berries. 

Blend cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until creamed together, then spread like frosting on top of the cooled cookie. Then apply your choice of fruit in a beautiful pattern. This dish is best served cool, and I would suggest storing in your fridge, because of the cream cheese (and so no one will eat it before you do).

So glad this recipe is back!! I ate pounds of it as a child, usually at church dinners ❤️. Cole is horrified that I ruined a perfectly good giant sugar cookie 👦🏼 (which fluffed when it baked and now I must clean out my oven. #boymom #momlife #bestlife #fruitpizza #southernliving

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