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Get Over It Already


This week though 🙄. The beginning of summer vacation is always iffy for me. I have an extended contract, but Cole does not, so he is home and those last few days drag on and on for me.  Cue also the poison ivy. I could look at google images of poison ivy and contract the dreaded rash.  I could see clearly where I wiped under my left eye, then it spread to my right eye, then my left arm, my right arm, my neck, my soul, etc.  I put off getting the steroid shot for as long as I could, then finally gave up.

I hate steroids for many reasons, mostly that I can’t sleep, and I then into a hungrier, sweatier, more sleepless emotional version of myself. It’s a really hard time and I am super fun to be around.

Around this same time, remember our weather was crazy hot and I had signed Cole up for an outdoor soccer camp. Best mom ever, right? He skipped a soccer season for basketball, and it took a minute for that soccer part of his brain to wake back up. By the end of the week he was in a groove, but alas, it was not enough to earn him a coveted soccer camp T-shirt (you would think for a $75 camp our kids would get a T-shirt included with their grape popsicles and tan lines, but I digress, and I also refused to pay $10 for the shirt).

Since I am always trying hard to be an adult, even when I don’t want to be, I took my car in for an oil change today, where the line was long, the tv in the waiting area was stuck on a loop for the opening scene of a video game, a random person cut in front of me in line (I was too tired to even mention it 🤷🏼‍♀️), and I was in the waiting room with two students in love (I am hoping it was just as awkward for them as it was for me, kind of like that first moment when I see my students at the community center and we are all just casually in swimsuits, sorry kids).  I was sitting there being so very grumbly about my current state and week of affairs. Most of the time I am deliriously thankful and happy (also says Cole, whyyyy are you always so happy in the mornings and all the time?).  I had brought along a book to read that I bought for the beach, so I sat down with my bag of a pizza shaped beach towel, toothpaste, sunscreen and a new favorite floatie for me, and cracked it open.

I have had this book in my Amazon cart for a month, “Girl, Wash Your Face”, but was waiting to be in the window for our vacation until I bought it.  And there it was, an entire chapter about getting over it (always my theme from God when I sit down in my pity party). The author, Rachel Hollis, who also struggles, I guess, said that she (1) stopped comparing herself, (2) surrounded herself with positivity, and (3) figured out what made her happy and she does those things.  Sigh.  I looked up at that moment and made eye contact with the very tired looking 20-year-old seated next to me, with her uniform on her lap for her job she said she packed for, in case her oil change ran long, so her boyfriend could take her to work, and I considered my bag of beach goodies.  Mind you, the soundtrack for all of this was still the Hunting video game console intro that was running on repeat. I told her, “I am turning that thing off”, and in all of my empowered woman, hear me roar self, I took myself over there and just turned that thing off, much to the happiness of the mechanics turning in keys and other people in line, and my young friend waiting on her car. We exchanged non verbal high fives.

Turning off that stupid tv sure did make me happy, and so did going to my cozy home to do a bit of laundry, poke around in my little garden, read some more of the book I needed to read to snap out of it, and basically enjoyed the first Friday of my summer vacation. Do more of what makes you happy, drink your coffee in your sunroom, swim in the ocean, grow a little garden, and laugh until your belly hurts. But stay away from those leaves of three, let it be, for goodness sakes.


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