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I’ve got that joy joy joy joy down in my heart

You know, teenagers sometimes get a bad rap.  They can be a smidge emotional, sometimes apathetic, and not always as sweet as they used to be. But my experience with most of them, in a one on one setting, is completely different.  Kids come to me in need of a listening ear, a compassionate word, and sometimes, even a hug. I think being a kid is so much harder than it was when I was a kid. I did feel that pressure to be successful, but I did not have social media in my face all the time, reaffirming all of my squishy self loathing (that all teenagers kind of have).

So you can imagine when I said I would volunteer this morning at the Humane Society dip and shot Clinic, and they told me several kids would be there, I really wasn’t expecting to actually see them.  The weather this morning was glorious, and I was shocked to arrive to the full parking lot.  Kids never really cease to amaze me.  I will say this was a mix of kids volunteering for a class and in the place of Saturday School (a regular punishment for tardies, sometimes used for kids to roll back a day to re-earn Credit for a class, or just minor kid stuff), and a few just to volunteer.  They blew me out of the water today with their compassionate, easy nature with the dogs, even following me along to meet some of the dogs Cole and I play with on a weekly basis.

I needed that sunny reminder this morning that kids are all naturally good people (especially when dogs are involved).  Several even made plans to go back and volunteer again as “regulars”.

Get out there and enjoy the glorious sunshine this weekend 🐶🌞

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