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Making a plan 👦🏼

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With co-parenting, I always advise mamas and daddies (because people ask me for advice like I have it together, I am basically a duck, calm on the surface, somedays, and panicking underneath the water) to keep your babies on a schedule. Cole does so well with structure. I try to imagine what my life would be like if I had two homes, and I was constantly having to uproot myself and move in the middle of the week. That would make me cuckoo, so I always consider his feelings, since he is my little person.  I always drop off, and either my parents or his dad always pick up.  Children should not have to worry about who is picking them up, and what house they will be at every day. They crave consistency, just like grown ups do.

I love planners and a good printable, I think I have selective OCD (my desk is a wreck but my spices are in alphabetical order), so I am not sure why I didn’t think my mini me would feel the same way.

So we did a planner for him yesterday for his backpack 🎒, with all of his practices and important days (I also have his special class schedule memorized, so that we can start our day talking about that “it’s Monday!! You have Music today!”).  He was so excited to get this, and it only cost me $7 yesterday, a small price for calming his little heart.

What do you all do to help your sweeties with the coparenting, two homes, lots of love process? I am always open to suggestions!!

Happy Sunday,


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