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Made to Crave, Chapter One, “What’s Really Going On Here?”

Let’s talk about food cravings.  I love dip, really any kind of dip.  I can hold my own against cupcakes, cookies and cakes (a feat since I work in a high school office where food is constantly in and out, and it is always gorgeously sweet food), but a tortilla chip and any kind of dip is my kryptonite.  I can remember when I was pregnant with Cole, and people would always ask me what kind of food I was craving.  I lived partially on Popeye’s Mashed Potatoes (I am not sure what is in that gravy, but it is kind of like crack to a tired, pregnant lady) and mostly on hummus with something salty (preferably a pita chip, or a cracker, or any kind of chip).  Luckily I was also a really active pregnant lady (see also, workaholic) so it balanced out.

Since last year, and discovering a bit about myself, again, so sad that it took me this long, after graduate school with a counseling degree, and countless hours in gyms and failed diets, I realized that I had to fix my head before I could fix my booty.  I had always heard people say silly things like, “If you only drink water, you will only want more water”, and “if you start eating healthier foods, you will crave vegetables and salad”.  Of course I thought they were absolutely nuts.  But Terkeurst says “We crave what we eat.  So, the cycle continues day after day.  Hunger pang after hunger pang. Craving after craving”.  IT IS SO TRUE.  If I go and eat Mexican food with my family, I want a cookie or some ice cream afterwards.  If I cook a healthy meal for me and Cole, I do not want to ruin that work by eating garbage afterwards.  When I get home from the gym, I do not want to eat heavy foods, I want to eat my rice and veggies, and maybe some lean protein.  If I am investing in myself, I want to actually INVEST in myself.

“We were made to crave, long for, want greatly, desire eagerly, and beg for – God.  Only God (Terkeurst 21)”.  Wowza.  God created all of this fabulous food for us, but I sincerely doubt that our awesome creator wants anything to control us, food, sex, the love of money and/or material possessions, or the desire to be known (I prefer to be anonymous, ESPECIALLY in the grocery store in the summertime).

Now, are you going to wake up every day and just have defeated all of your demons and never want another tortilla chip, because you are praying for control over your food cravings? I doubt it.  Because Satan knows our weaknesses.  One of my biggest weaknesses is the fear of rejection, and the love/hate of food and the control it has had over my life (for my entire life! Nuts!).  So, rest assured if I put a group text out there and no one answers me, my mind immediately flicks to that rejection (um, so foolish, those people I am usually group texting are busy bee single mamas, I see what you did there Satan).  It is the same with food.  Your journey will not be easy, but breaking that cycle will be pleasing to God.

*Personal Reflection Questions will appear in the comments section of our group page.

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