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Fit Mama, Strong Mama, Happy Mama

Hey girls, it’s me again.  I know you all get sick and tired of hearing me talk about my lifetime struggle with body image, but my small town went and opened a fabulous aquatic center this summer, and I live with a

seven-year old minion who loves all things water, so I have had to face the reality that all of my high school students will probably see me on the daily in a swimsuit.  Last summer, I began the last leg of my lifelong journey to be comfortable in my own skin (isn’t it stinking sad that it took me this long to get here?).  Since that point I have changed the way I think about food, the way I think about exercise, and have talked to countless ladies who are facing the same struggle I was.

It seems that I just don’t know a whole lot of women who like themselves, which makes me sad, because I know a whole lot of amazingly beautiful, strong, intelligent mamas, and most importantly, women.

I discovered Lysa Terkeurst last year when our single mom group formed, when my sweet friend, Debbie Woods, brought the book, Uninvited,  to me at church one Wednesday night.  It was a life changer!!! I went on to discover that Lysa Terkeurst wrote a book about her own struggle with body image and food, called “Made to Crave”.  Lysa has been in the news lately (you like how I used her first name, like this lady even knows me, ha), for her separation from her husband, because of his years of infidelity.  Shame on him.  Because you know what people with mean mouths are saying (the kind of nonsense they say about most people who get divorced, ahem, yes I am talking to you)? That she simply did not pray enough, that she didn’t try hard enough, that she did not have enough faith.  Shoot.  Satan is a crafty one.  Lysa Terkeurst is a life changer, she changed mine (along with that amazing Chrystal Shetron and Kristi Wiles, but more about them later) through her powerful words that came straight from God.  Of course Satan would want to diminish her ministry.  Lysa, if you’re reading this (I know you aren’t, but a girl can pretend), from one single mama to another, keep the faith.  An army of single mamas have your back, and we are praying for you.  Thank you for being an excellent example for the women you have ministered to as to how marriage SHOULD look, and how you should put up a good fight (as I have read you did for years) but how you should also have enough respect for yourself to know when enough is enough.

But I digress (jumps off of the soapbox).  If you would be interested in going through this fabulous book with me, chapter by chapter, let me know, and I can add you to our facebook discussion group.  I know that all of our schedules are stinking crazy, so asking you to meet with me in the same room for an hour every week might not be feasible.

I just got home from water aerobics (my first ever class!! I have been trying to go for years, but they wouldn’t let people in who were under 55 until this year) with my amazing mama, and it was the most fun ever.  Exercise should be that fun, and I want you all to feel that way about your amazing, strong bodies too.  Love you, friends, and let me know if you want to go on this journey with me. XO


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