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Ya’ll.  Do you ever just sit in your quiet house before your wild mini me wakes up, and your pack of domesticated animals are still sleeping, and just sit in amazement of all that God has done for you?  I was drinking my coffee and listening to the rain, thinking about the last year of my life.  A year ago, I really didn’t even know what LuLaRoe was, and now I am looking at our bank note (which is one payment away from being PAID OFF!!! We are about to own our own business within a week! Ours!! Free and clear!!), texting and checking on my sweet single mamas, and I have someone in my life who makes my heart go pitter pat (other than Cole and my giant dog).  We are surrounded by positive people (not by my design, by His) who love and support us, and most importantly, pray for us (shout out to my parents, our biggest fans). My heart is so stinking full.

It’s funny looking back at how I was praying for financial peace in my life, not knowing what God had in store for me (when he delivered Brooke Carter to my office for her business negotiations…knowing her now I cannot believe that she did that!) with our business.  I was praying for peace in my heart that only God can bring, so he delivered me into my single mama group (that I am completely unqualified to lead, that strength to work with these amazing ladies only comes from Jesus), where I get to see God move in their lives and the lives of their children.  I was praying for healing in my heart, and feeling comfortable in my own skin, and he brought me nutrition and Ohana Fitness.  I have never in my life encountered a bigger group of ladies who encourage and uplift one another more than in my gym and in my life right now.

If you do not believe that God answers prayers, just hang on.  He is working on it in His time (to quote my sweet friend, Maegan) not yours, not mine.  Keep on praying for the impossible (nothing is impossible with God) in your and your childrens’ lives, and you will be amazed at what He will do for you. I had no idea that any of these plans were coming down the pike for me, but I cannot imagine my life without them.

Cole and I are hoping that the sun comes out today, so we can plant some of our seeds.  We are planning a crop of carrots and lettuce for our newest Keller family members, Cookie and Cinnamon the guinea pigs.  Get out (or get in, whatever makes you happy, friend) and enjoy the day with the folks you love the most, and keep on praying.



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