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Ask and you shall receive (God’s grace, specifically)

You remember months ago, when I was anguishing over the path of my life, praying hard about helping to facilitate a Single moms’ ministry at my church?  I went to speak with my pastor months ago about this group, asking him “who would be a good person to lead this group?”, because for sure not me, ABSOLUTELY NOT ME.  He just laughed in that way that good pastors do, and said “So, when do you want to start?”

Fast forward a couple of months and here we are. We are working our way through “Peace and the Single Mom” by Jennifer Maggio.  Our class started small, but the ladies I have met are nothing short of amazing.  Our class began with just two, then switched to two others.  One week we did not have anyone, because of sickness and other scheduled events.  Christmas came and went, and I had my own crises.  I found out some distressing news for my own life, and kind of wallowed in my own sadness for a full day.  The enemy whispered in my ear that I was in no position to be helping other single moms, I was such a failure myself.  I confided in my closest best friends about my fears, my sadness, my inadequacies,  (I have quite the cheer squad, you all need a tribe like mine, true story), and considered just canceling our little group.   I kept on praying, because I still felt that strong pull that we NEEDED this group.  There is nothing so isolating as being a single mama, and feeling so alone.

I gathered myself together (I was a stinking mess, I tell you) and went to church on January 1st.  What a precious way to start the year! Our message was about focusing on God’s promises, and we literally made lists of what distractions to give away for this year (my list was pretty long).  As I came to sit back down, after taking my list to the front with other members of our congregation, I saw two sweet single mamas I had been praying for, and saw the pain and sadness on their own faces, and knew at that moment we had to continue our group.  It turns out that God always puts you where you are needed, and knows exactly what we need.  For our next meeting we had not double, but TRIPLE the numbers of single mamas there.

January has been rough for me and Cole already, from plumbing issues (if you have not heard the story of my plumbing, and how God brought a sweet single mama to my group whose COUSIN IS A PLUMBER and how I was so panicked about paying for it and it literally cost us what I had left in my emergency fund, God has to jerk me back to attention quite frequently, by the way) to sickness.  Cole is recovering from the flu and strep, and of course we made it to the doctor, and of course the pharmacist working at Walgreens was one of our sweet friends from church who hurried our prescription along (God has always got me).

It turns out that single mamas need one another.  There is comfort in knowing that someone else has been where you are and survived.  Because some days as a single mama (and a married mama), life is simply about survival.  Last week our lesson was about God’s provision in our lives, and trusting that with God, you will have all that you need, plus some.  God will make up the difference for what you are lacking for a helpmate (I need a lot of helpers, ha) if you will just allow Him to.  Our lesson this evening is about God’s grace and again, God’s provision in our lives (because obviously I need to hear that lesson every week to remind myself to have big faith!).  If you are a single mama or know a single mama in need of some hope and laughter, please send them to our little group.  Happy Sunday to you all!

One thought on “Ask and you shall receive (God’s grace, specifically)

  1. That’s how I ended up doing Women’s Ministry at Compass… I prayed over it for years, and then God gave my own words back to me: “You have feet.” I use that phrase often when people (i.e. students) ask me to do things they can very well do themselves. Touche, God.

    When we have single mamas join us, I’ll most definitely be sending them your way. What y’all are doing is so very, very important. Thank you 🙂


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