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Get yourself a girl gang

Before I was a mama, of course I had sweet friends, but when you become a mama, you NEED positive female friends. I remember being a single working girl, coming home exhausted from working all the stinking time, and just wondering what the next chapter of my life held for me (never imagining I could ever be more tired than I was then, ha).  Being a new mama is isolating, and I picked up and moved across the state, got married, had my sweet baby and was a stay at home mama for a season.  Looking back, those were probably not the best decisions for my extrovert self, but I made it.

When I returned to the work force, I made several new fierce mama friendships (who are all kind of stuck with me now, sorry friends). Go forward another chapter, and when Cole started daycare and preschool, I met yet another group of warrior mamas, who love Cole and me, and support me with encouragement, laughter and tears.  Every season of your life needs friendship, and I am a firm believer that God allows the people you need to come into your life, at work, at the gym, and at church.

I recently read (and finished!!) a book entitled “Giddy Up Eunice”, about female mentorship. The author speaks frankly, and hilariously, about the need for a female mentor in your life, regardless of where you are.  In the spirit of kindness and compassion, is there maybe someone about ten years younger than you who you could take under your wing, encourage, pray with, help without expecting a return? YES. I can think of about 20 in my own life!! You may not think you have things all figured out (I find out every day that I do not have 95% of things figured out, namely, my plumbing in my 100 year old house, pray for me and Cole ya’ll) but chances are there is a woman slightly younger than you who thinks you absolutely do, and she is watching your every move, wishing she had it as together as you do (I always encourage people who think I have I together to come over and witness  the level of animal fur I clean up on the daily at my little petting zoo, or see my crying ridiculously over a stupid stopped up toilet, or smiling and crying foolishly over something Cole said to me).  The power of influence is so strong for women, so be a good one.

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