Mommy life

Happy 2017!!

img_6863Happy 2017! This morning Will preached about what we need to let go of in 2017 (among many other things, but this one stood out the most to me). As a single mom, it is so easy to get stuck where you are. You may have financial troubles, custody battles and you are surely hurting because of the pain of separation and/or divorce. In order to be a happy, healthy mama, you need to grieve, and you need to let it go. Easier said than done, I know for a fact. But letting it go does not mean that you dismiss the pain you feel, you simply understand that as a powerful, strong woman, you deserve happiness. You deserve to laugh and giggle with your kids. You deserve to be healthy, to eat healthy food, and to get regular exercise. Mostly, you are deserving of God’s forgiveness and love. Please message me if I can help you, and I will have our class schedule posted later today!! I am so looking forward to a wonderful 2017 with you all, and I promise to be a prayer partner for you ❤

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