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First Grade Mama (much better than last year, no tears at drop off, from me)

  • imageBy now, all of you have seen the video of the comparison of the Kindergarten mama at drop off and all other grades.  The sobbing, hysterical mama who is dropping her child off and claims he is not “ready” for school yet and that he is too little.  My own child handled Kindergarten with flying colors, making new friends, and even somehow wrangling us into fostering the class Guinea pigs for the summer (quite the experience for us and all of our pack of animals at Keller Farms, but a fun one!).  He has been in daycare or preschool since he was six months old, so he was just fine, this was simply a new building for him, with new friends, a better playground (his words), and class pets (they did have a pet fish in preschool who kept jumping to his death to avoid the tiny hands, I suspect).

First grade drop off on the first day came and went, with no tears from me.  My child asked if he could just be dropped off at the door (uh, no?), and in we went.  I saw lots of sad Kindergarten mamas, but not many sad kindergarteners, gladly.  We walked to his brightly colored classroom, with his cute, happy little teacher, and then he demanded to just go to the gym by himself, to see his “bros” (this testosterone transformation happens early, friends).  At the end of his first week, he had made new friends, met every new person in the building (my mini me is quite the welcome committee, I think), and checked up on his friends who seemed to be not handling the new situation well.

My advice for the new kindergarten mamas is this, try to hide your anxiety well, since children pick up on how you are feeling so much. Goodness knows I had this anxiety too, I was pretty certain he was going to get jumped between the buildings going out to morning recess, yes, I know this is as ridiculous as it sounds.  So much of parenting is simply about trusting in God and the process.  My baby has so much more faith than I do, he sees the good in everyone, even Guinea pigs.  I talked to two new kindergarten mamas in the park this weekend and they had it so much more together than I did (and do now, who am I kidding?).

Happy school year to you mamas, daddies, aunts, uncles, Nanas, papas, and fosters (happy families come in all shapes and sizes). Enjoy this time with your babies, before they get to high school with me and start making ridiculous demands of you. Kindergarten went by in a bright flash for us, and while my kiddo is relieved that nap time does not happen anymore (he will want that back around 7th grade, I think)   , we cannot wait for the adventures that first grade holds for us.

*Our classroom does not have Guinea pigs this year, although we have it on good word that our summer fosters might be spending Christmas break with us



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