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Hall Sisters Farmhouse Antiques

imageI love junk.  If you have seen my Daddy’s shop you can see that I clearly inherited this love.  I don’t necessarily want collectible stuff, but I love rescuing a discarded piece of furniture and making it beautiful again.  I have a table in my own office that my father made in his high school shop class that is very dear to me.  I am always game for hunting down new places and locales to score some new pieces, so when Kristen told me she had found a new place for us, Hall Sisters Farmhouse Antiques, I was ready to jump into the car at that very moment and head out.

Laura Cornett and Lynne Williams have a love of junk and repurposing discarded pieces in their blood.  Their father owned America’s Flea Market on Main Street for years.  Two and a half years ago, Laura’s daughter, Jordan, got married, and wanted a vintage vibe for her wedding.  Needless to say the hunt was on, and they all ended up with so many gorgeous pieces they simply could not bear to part with.  So, Jordan opened “Jordan’s Vintage Rentals” in Conway.  Lynne’s daughter, Amanda, is also in the business of owning and sharing beautiful things, and is an interior designer living in Little Rock.

Laura and Lynne spent quite a bit of time going to auctions, estate sales and yard sales collecting their treasures.  Without a shop to display their wares, they stored their “stuff” in Lynne’s husband’s shop building (you can imagine who the true driving force is behind them opening this business….it must be Lynne’s husband).  They were out of space and needed to simply jump in.  They decided together to give it one year to take off.  Both of the sisters have full time jobs, at First Community Bank and Flower’s Bakery, respectively, so they needed the support and love of their families to pitch in with this labor of love.

They got their current building, which has a history as another antiques business, in April of 2016.  They immediately went to work setting up the building the way they wanted it to look. It is an absolutely perfect building for this business.  Walking in, you are made to feel at home, as you are greeted with cookies and fresh coffee.

The sisters differ slightly in their tastes for vintage wares.  Laura is more of a cottage style lover, and Lynne is into Primitives.  The ladies have already developed some regulars (Kristen and me included), and I can imagine their business will continue to grow, as many I know are always on the hunt for new treasures.  There is something magical about knowing that you are giving new life to something that has been discarded in someone else garage, or even worse, their garbage.

Last month I took off with some friends for the Junk Ranch in Prairie Grove.  It was a super fun, hot adventure (hot as in, we were in the middle of a dusty, hot pasture looking for treasures) where I instantly wished I had worn less clothing and brought a trailer to haul some bigger pieces home.  If you are a fellow junker and ever have the opportunity to go to one of these big events, DO IT.  There is nothing better than time with fun friends, lots of junk, and food truck food.


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