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Happiness is digging in the dirt

I guess I have always had a love of the dirt. I can remember one very frightful memory (for my mom and dad) when I dug a large hole in the front yard for a “pool”.  Most little boys love the dirt, so Cole and I love to spend time tending to our garden, plants and trees in the spring and summer months.

I feel like I am channeling my grandmother and aunts when I get my seeds and seedlings in the ground for the season. Picking our “harvest” brings us so much joy; there is something amazing about being able to grow your own food, and teach your child to do the same.

Today my mama came to fetch me from my convalescing (I have been plagued by the snot/cough/fever/self-pity/icky disposition this week, so I needed to get out, for the yearly Master Gardener sale at the Armory. Mama insisted that we get there early, because the good plants go so quickly!!

I love shopping with my mama, because it is typically so therapeutic for both of us, but I really love talking plants with her, because they bring back memories of her own mother and precious sister Carmel (and really so many of my lovely aunts and uncles are magnificent gardeners).  Gardening is kind of a lost art, in the age where so many hire people to take care of their yards (guilty!) and flowerbeds, because they simply do not have the time to tend to them like generations before us did.

I ended up with a trunkful of amazing plants for my containers and garden for around $30, and some great dirt therapy for my weekend.  We added these to our growing veggie garden and existing container garden.  Cole is pretty determined to grow some watermelons for his Nana and our friends this summer, so we might end up with more than we bargained for.

The Main Street Farmer’s Market begins again next week, so it is the perfect time for you to introduce your kiddo to dirt and the outdoors if you haven’t already. Cole loves his gardening success and cannot wait to share his veggies. He wants a veggie stand in front of our house this summer…stay tuned for that 😘.



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