Mommy life

Women Run, and not just away from spiders


You know that feeling you get when you leave the gym and you are so very proud of yourself for just getting up off the couch and doing it already? How you feel that as a hard working mama, you never really ever make time for yourself that does not involve your kids or make you feel guilty for doing so? I have been there!

Last year, one of my friends (one of the ones who sometimes always talks me into doing silly things like group exercise….ahem, Kristen), talked me into joining the Women Run Batesville clinic, but I joined the wrong group, got overwhelmed really quickly, and Cole’s twice weekly soccer practices became a happy excuse for me to quit. This year, we had a warm day, I tried to put on some shorts, they fit painfully, and so I made the decision to join the clinic again this year, and put myself in the correct group for my skill level (which is still not where I am. I literally stare at the backs of their heads as they run away from me every time).

As a mama, putting yourself and your needs first does not come naturally.  So  even a scheduled 30-45 minute thrice weekly run feels a lot like I am never going to be in the running for mommy of the year (no pun intended). Still, I needed a life change, and needed to be a happy, healthy mama for my little man, and I needed to be able to keep up with him.

Upon first arriving at the clinic on the first meeting, there was a tall, thin woman who was so very happy to be there and be motivating us (I now know this dear woman as Janie, who truly is that positive in real life). Our first week we walked for three minutes and ran for 15 seconds.  I left that week feeling on top of the whole world….like I could do anything again.  As the weeks progress, the running time gets bigger and the walking time gets smaller.  There are fast runners and slow runners (me!), fast walkers and slow walkers, but mostly everyone is so positive, and so encouraging of one another.  Like many women, I have struggled with body image issues my entire life, and have not always had the best self esteem, although I like to think that I am an encourager of others.  I have never felt so surrounded by positive energy as when we run our magic miles and those amazing coaches of ours scream as we cross the finish line. This clinic has restored my faith in strong women who support one another instead of tearing each other down.  If you see us running by (you can’t miss us, I am the one in the back), get out and join us, I promise you won’t regret it, and I promise to let you win.



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