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War Room movie

I am all about a mommy friend movie night, so when my church advertised this movie I really wanted to see, with snacks (I am a popcorn connoisseur, popcorn is seriously one of my love languages), and fun child care for our kiddos (thank goodness for the sweet Methodist teens from up the street!), this was set to be one of the best mommy date nights ever.

I grabbed two of my favorite mommy friends (it turns out we are all an incredibly busy bunch, we are never all in the same place at the same time) and got our comfy seats.  It turns out that this movie packed so much more than any of us bargained for.  The film convicted me horribly. I do have a prayer life, but it has been hot, cold and mostly lukewarm, just like the main character with her lukewarm coffee. I have regularly attended church since my birth, and have drifted far away from God and then back.

I know that God has been nudging (shoving) me in the direction of keeping my stinking mouth shut, because He all but threw the book “Keep It Shut” into my house. My new Sunday School class is reading James, with an emphasis on guess what….keeping your mouth shut. So I knew that going into this film. I never thought I would be so convicted about my pretty much lack of a prayer life.

I am a single mama, and Allen and I coparent pretty peacefully (sometimes we hiccup, because we are human), but I do not regularly pray for him. Just in the couple of weeks since seeing this film, I have begun praying fervently for him, this man who parents our child with me, and the role model for a man for my sweet child.  Why wouldn’t I be praying for him to be the man God intended him to be? Those little eyes watch everything he does.

How many times at work do we grumble about coworkers (stop. You know you do it), the office temperature, what day it is, your lunch, your day? Guilty! What if instead of complaining about what you think you simply cannot change, you pray for God to change the hearts of the people you cannot seem to get along with? Or pray for your mouth, so that you can listen more than you speak?

I now have an ever growing “War Room” list, and even in two weeks, I can see God moving in my life.  I have always prayed for my students, and for the words to say to them, but I have found that praying specifically for their needs, as they confide them in me, has changed my heart at work so much.  If you have not seen this film, and you are struggling in your marriage, your friendships, and your work relationships, you simply have to see it. I will pop you some popcorn and keep your kiddos for you (we only serve cheese popcorn here, just a side note).



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