Mommy life

Day two (only 29 more to go!!)


You have made it through day two!  The weekends are the most difficult, because you have unstructured time with your family, which can sometimes mean spending more money than you planned to spend, which is never a good feeling.

Cole got some Christmas spending money from my parents (and some for his college fund, yay) in addition to his favorite gifts of all, his board games, so we had planned to go to make his maiden voyage to Toys R Us (he had never been, in almost six years of life, since I anticipated what would happen) and grab some lunch a few days after Christmas. But then he got a horrible virus, and we had these awful storms that caused so much flooding in our area. So, we put off our trip until today. We grabbed Nana and had the best day together, also spending some time in our favorite book store just browsing and window shopping.

I hope that your second day was full of quality time with your sweet families, playing with those Christmas toys and cooking meals at home. Cole still has gifts he has not gotten around to playing with, and we scaled way back on Christmas this year (further proof that we still have way too much STUFF in our home). The first week of this challenge is about cleaning your home and doing inventory on your pantry and freezer, to see what you already have. If yours looks like mine, you probably have enough to make you so many meals. You can find a detailed plan at Ruth Soukup’s blog, (see also, printables and specific guidelines, along with a sheet for each week with what you learned, what you plan to change for the next week).

On to Day three! I cannot wait to share the delicious recipe I tried for a homemade Salted Caramel coffee creamer tomorrow. We have missed church the last two Sundays because of illness, and are looking forward to being back in that fellowship.



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