What if Christmas isn’t found in a store?

Wowzers! I came across this last night, as we were having our vicious Thanksgiving night game tournament. I looked around at the happy faces of my extended family (only some of them, we have a huge family) and saw such happiness that we were all simply together and having fun. Cole loves his board games, and has requested more for Christmas, I am not sure who is more excited about them, him or the grown ups.

As you rush around trying to get your Christmas shopping done, just remember that your children want your time more than anything (and to take you out on Connect Four), and Christmas is more about much bigger things than gifts. Granted, I did just find the most perfect Christmas Eve jammies for Cole online, and that fart blaster he has been coveting since this summer, but our focus this season will be on kindness, and what we can do for others, instead of gifts for us (since this season typically turns our little ones into goblins).



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